What is Mermaid Mana?

Mermaid Mana is the stoke, magic, and pure joy that comes from building a relationship with Mother Ocean. Mana IS spirit and life force… 

When you take time to align with the salty underworld you can tap into relief, insight, inspiration and joy.

It’s a choice… when you Sea the Magic, you can BE the magic

“I feel the energy of the board’s history with each piece I create. As the design emerges I mindfully give respect to the original artist, the board builders, and of course, the surfer who rode it.” Leanne Tibiatowski, Ocean Lover & Artist

Contact Leanne 619-992-5367

About the Artist

Leanne Tibiatowski

My name is Leanne Tibiatowski, I’m a native San Diegan and a life-long ocean lover. I learned to surf and it deepened my connection with the sea on my path of trauma recovery. Mother Ocean helped me face myself and find find my freedom. Learn more .about my story of how the ocean, a surfboard, and sheer determination saved my life. https://in2clarity.com/

When Covid hit and the ocean was closed, I was not able to access my salty “medicine.” I turned to art to make it through. My ocean inspired designs, featured in two juried art shows, have been flowing ever since.

Give me a call or use the contact form – I’d love to talk about the sea, surfing, and any art project you have in mind 619-992-5367.

About the Art

How It’s Made

Each painted surfboard is handmade with love and intention by Leanne Tibiatowski, an Ocean Beach artist. 

Upcycled Surfboard Art

Each piece starts out on an eco-minded canvas – giving new life to a well-used and well-loved surfboard.

Locally Sourced in Ocean Beach

All of the painted boards have been surfed in the waves of Ocean beach. Ridden by my friends in the local surf community.

Board Builder Tribute

The surfboard branding is intentionally integrated into the art to pay tribute to the OG artist (the board builder).

Perfectly Imperfect

 All imperfections are part of the board’s story. Pressure dings show the board was well used riding waves!

Ready to Commission Your Own Board?

If you have a specific design in mind, please contact Leanne today to put in your request for a custom art piece!

Leannetibiatowski@gmail.com or 619-992-5367